Easily & securely manage your health care with MyChart


Time is a precious resource for all of us. Finding time to manage your health may require you to stitch together many small moments throughout the day. A great tool to make this effort even easier is the digital health portal for Ohio State Wexner Medical Center patients – MyChart.

Katie E., who recently had her first child, explains using MyChart saves valuable chunks of time throughout the day.

“I loved the notification feature that alerts me when I have test results or a new message from my doctor is available,” she says.

Patients can opt to receive email notifications and/or push notifications on their phone when new information is available for them to review on MyChart. 


Before you dive in and head to the app store, here’s a look at three of the most popular features of MyChart: 

1. Most test results immediately available

One of the most popular features of MyChart is the ability to see the results of most tests and labs as soon as they are available.

Katie E. often used MyChart on a monthly basis while pregnant with her daughter.

“My favorite part of MyChart was getting results to my tests so quickly,” Katie says.

Some routine test results are automatically delivered to your account, while others are released by your healthcare provider. In both cases, your provider will receive and review all your test results, and he or she will contact you if further discussion about your test result is needed. Results to previous tests are saved in the system for your comparison and reference. 

2. Send and receive messages to/from your doctor

Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home. Instead of searching the internet for information that might not be helpful or accurate, you can send a message to your provider, who knows you and your medical history.

You will generally receive an answer within two business days. Please note that MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. Call your healthcare provider’s office if the situation requires immediate attention, or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

Katie says her primary care physician helped her sign up for MyChart to use it for messaging and accessing results. 

“The process of getting started was easy and I liked knowing I can seek medical advice at my convenience through the app or online,” Katie says.

3. Renewing your prescriptions through MyChart

Through MyChart, you easily ask your provider to renew one or more of your prescriptions. Jim S. says managing his medications is one of the prime reasons he utilizes the MyChart app.

“Prescription renewals used to be a chore, but it’s really easy now with MyChart,” says Jim.

He says the messaging feature also makes it easy to ask his doctor about certain medications, or other issues.

“It really makes the entire doctor-patient relationship much more personal,” says Jim. 


How do you sign up for MyChart?

You can sign up for MyChart online or via the Ohio State MyHealth app, just search "Ohio State MyHealth" in the app store. Answer a few questions to validate your identity and that you have been seen at Wexner Medical Center or an affiliated hospital. By signing up for MyChart today, you can manage your health care more easily tomorrow.