There’s no better feeling than getting a patient back to work and a normal life

Jenn Baker, certified hand therapist


Jenn Baker is a Certified Hand Therapist

Certified Hand Therapist Jenn Baker views each day as a new opportunity to help enhance someone's life through her work in hand and upper extremity occupational therapy.

She creates bonds with her patients that last beyond their appointments and empowers them to commit to their recovery and feel comfortable knowing she’s there to help them.

"The most enjoyment I get from my job is to see my patients thrive after a diagnosis," Jenn says. "From giving a comprehensive home program on how to manage hand arthritis pain to helping navigate complex wounds and tragic hand injuries, the positive functional outcomes I see make my job enjoyable."

Jenn takes pride in the work she does to change people's lives for the better.

"Even the simplest education about managing debilitating hand and upper extremity pain and dysfunction can markedly improve a patient's long-term quality of life,” she says. “I also love a challenge and feel inspired by people who have gotten through devastating hand injuries with my help and guidance. There’s no better feeling than to get a patient back to work and normal life because their therapy went well."

Jenn has spent than two decades as an occupational therapist at an Ohio State facility and feels appreciated and respected daily.

"I have amazing colleagues who lift me up, support me, guide me and defer to me for my expertise,” she says. “I’m proud to work on this team and happy I’m able to offer my expertise for many of their own patients’ needs as well."