We all have the same goal and the same mindset to be great

Anita Adom, mobility aide


Anita Adom is a mobility aide

Anita Adom, a mobility aide at Ohio State Outpatient Care New Albany, can be found assisting patients to and from the parking lot and throughout the hallways, always with a smile on her face and having a friendly conversation.

Anita is a dedicated staff member whose knowledge is often critically necessary for patients.

“Transporting patients is a major help to those who can’t get around as easily as they once could. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’ve helped someone to have a better day, even if it’s just through a smile,” Anita says.

“Every day I see happy and relieved faces from patients who don't have to worry about how they’re going to get from one appointment to the other while in the building. For me, it’s a really big deal when I receive great compliments or feedback because that’s not only a win for me, but for all of us here at New Albany.”

Anita enjoys her role and considers herself lucky to be able to meet new people every day.

“I love that I’m here to help out in any way that I can. I especially love the great team of people who have my back and are always willing to help me when needed,” she says. “It makes a big difference to work in such an environment when we all have the same goal and mindset to be great.”

Anita gets a sense of empowerment from knowing that she’s had a hand in helping to achieve the mission of keeping patients a top priority.

“I feel a great sense of responsibility to do my best in making sure that every patient has a great experience from the moment that they come into our building to the moment that they leave,” she says.