Ohio State is home to the burn experts. As the only adult burn center in central Ohio verified by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons, we are equipped to treat all types of burns, from minor to severe.

Tips for Preventing Burns

Follow these tips to decrease your risk of getting burned

LEAVE FIREWORKS to the experts

DON'T SMOKE while you are using oxygen

USE OVEN MITTS when taking items out of the oven

DON'T MICROWAVE non-food items


NEVER PUT WATER ON A GREASE FIRE to extinguish a grease fire, put a lid on it and turn off the heat source

DON'T ALLOW PETS near candles

CHECK SMOKE DETECTORS monthly and replace batteries at least once a year

HOT WATER TANKS should be set at 120 degrees or less


Tips for Treating Burns

In the event someone gets burned, follow these tips

STOP THE BURNING PROCESS Cool the burn by running cool (not cold) water over the burn for at least five minutes

DO NOT USE ICE as this may cause the burn to deepen

REMOVE ALL JEWELRY, watches and rings around the burned area

APPLY A CLEAN, DRY DRESSING or cloth to the burned area. Cover the victim to keep them warm

DO NOT USE ointments, sprays, first aid cream or butter

If pain persists, or the burn appears to be getting worse, seek medical treatment or call Ohio State's Burn Center at 614-293-BURN (2876).

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