As an academic health center at one of the nation’s largest public universities, we’re committed to a culture of learning. We want everyone to fully understand their health care decisions.

Our website is one of many tools to help you make the best health choices for you and your family. Here’s how our content is developed and how we ensure its accuracy:

What you’ll find on our website

On our website you’ll find information about conditions, including symptoms, causes and treatments. Our doctors and nurses treat everything from the common ear infection to rare cancers — and our website reflects that range. We’ll also share current research into various diseases and clinical trials offered at Ohio State. We’re one of only a handful of National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated facilities that can conduct cancer clinical trials.

This online health content and a good relationship with your doctor are key to staying healthy or managing a health condition.

Our health content team

We develop relevant, accurate and evidence-based information about health conditions, procedures and other health topics. Our team of professional health writers create everything published on our website. We make sure content meets health literacy standards, ensuring everyone fully understands their options and can make informed decisions.

Our process to develop health content

We interview Ohio State experts and conduct research from trusted scientific sources, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH),, NCI and Healthwise, a nonprofit company that develops health content.

Our understanding of health conditions and how best to treat them is constantly evolving. We regularly review and update our website as we learn more about diseases and the latest treatments.

Medical review and accuracy

All health content on our website is reviewed for medical accuracy by at least one Ohio State physician, nurse or other medical expert. These same doctors actively see patients daily. Make an appointment with our doctors.

We are human and mistakes can happen. If you believe you’ve found an error on our website, please email us at

Images and videos

We have a team of Ohio State photographers, videographers and illustrators who develop visual components to better explain a health condition or treatment. We may use photography and illustrations from external sources, where appropriate, when we do not have an Ohio State photo available that is medically accurate.

Artificial intelligence

All content on our website is written by one of our professional health writers. We may utilize digital tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, for brainstorming topics, but nothing is copied from an AI platform onto our website. This follows the policies of the medical center and The Ohio State University.

Your trust is most important

Our goal is to provide you with information to make informed health care decisions. Our website is just one part of your health care plan. Any health decision should be made in partnership with your doctor. Thank you for trusting us with your care.

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