Coping with COVID-19: Pretending it's fine doesn't make fears disappear



Social distancing is forcing us to change our behaviors. But being compliant with recommendations doesn’t assure that there’s been an acceptance of the need to change how we see the world around us.

If we seek to fool ourselves by saying we’re fine and/or this is just what we do, we must be aware that this will eventually catch up with us.

It’s important that we share our innermost fears, frustrations and emotions with someone we trust. Getting these emotions out and into the open provides us with the opportunity to see them for what they are. To examine them and to put these emotional challenges into perspective.

With our challenges in perspective, we can begin building a clear plan to address each challenge openly and honestly, which will lead to lasting positive change and positive approaches to learning and growth!

And now… from the Ohio State Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health’s Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program, here is your daily de-stressing video: