No more shots? Allergy sufferers find new relief in liquid drops


The melting snow was a welcome sight to many people, except perhaps allergy sufferers. The warmer weather and arrival of spring also signals the beginning of pollen - among other irritants -  season in Ohio. 

However, a new treatment may allow some patients with allergies to replace weekly injections with a few liquid drops.   

SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) utilizes under-the-tongue liquid drops and has shown success in alleviating allergy symptoms – not to mention being more convenient for patients. 

Jeannie Lilly started SLIT therapy in 2012 after meeting with allergy and immunology doctors at Ohio State. She found relief by taking a couple liquid drops each morning to treat her pollen allergies. 

“I can finally sit on my deck and not worry about it,” Lilly says. “My allergies are controlled.”

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