sideChronicConditionsChronic conditions and diseases are those that are long lasting and can't be prevented by vaccines or cured by medicines. They include heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes and are the leading causes of death and disability nationally, statewide and locally. With respect to cancer, Franklin County has higher rates of lung, colon, breast and pancreatic cancer than the national average. Franklin County also has a higher prevalence of asthma among adults and higher mortality rates for cerebrovascular disease than the national averages.

Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is active in sponsoring and supporting myriad programs designed to provide the public with education and medical resources for chronic conditions as well as events to raise money for research.
  • Free and reduced-cost clinics
  • Clinics focused on specific ethnicity and underserved populations
  • Health education programs
  • Health screenings for the homeless
  • Screenings for those receiving mental health treatment
  • Community health fairs
  • Interactive programs for children in schools
  • Partners in education in middle and high schools

Chronic Conditions Programs

Blood Pressure & Glucose Screenings
Provides free blood pressure and glucose screenings to the elderly who are high at risk

Breaking the Pain Chain
Provides information about adults living with arthritisz

Breathing Association
Assists with activities requested by agency including development and execution of nutrition resourcesz

Camp Cheerful: Fresh Air Camp
Provides camp activities for children with respiratory conditions

Camp Hamwi: Nutrition Support for Campers with Diabetes
Provides nutrition support for campers with diabetes

CHAMP Camp: Educational Opportunities for Children on Vents
Provides camp activities for children with respiratory conditions

Champion Avenue Food Bank
Offers free blood pressure and glucose screenings/check-ups

Columbus Health Works: Community Exercise for People with Parkinson's
Offers community exercise classes for people with Parkinson's disease

CODA Events: Central Ohio Diabetes Screening
Offers diabetes screenings

Comer Sano, Vivir Sano
Provides nutrition education to Latino community

Community Presentations
Provides education about various cancer topics and clinical trials

County Fairs
Provides health screenings to farmers and rural residents with arthritis

Drive for COPD
Offers free Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease screenings

Huntington's Disease Family Support Group
Provides education materials and lectures on nutrition for patients and families

Integrated Health Care
Provides care coordination to adults with physical and/or behavioral health needs

Lung Screenings at Carrie's Café
Offers COPD screenings and provides education about lung health

Lung Screenings at Hilltop Dining
Offers lung screenings

Men's Health Education Series
Develops, implements and evaluates programs that focus on improving knowledge and behaviors about the prevention and early detection
of colon, lung and prostate cancers among the underserved

Nationwide Children's Hospital Celiac Conference
Faculty and students design educational activities for conference

Ohio Lung Association
Develops nutrition resources

Open Airways
Open Airways, a project of members of APhA-ASP Chapter at the College of Pharmacy

Operation Diabetes: Education and Screening
Provides education to elementary/middle school students and offers glucose screenings at health fairs

Operation Heart: Script Your Future
Provides medication counseling to patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD and asthma

Operation Heart: Million Hearts
Promotes medication adherence to patients with high blood pressure

Patient-Centered Diabetes Care Model
Examines the reduction in A1C, blood pressure and weight in African Americans after six months of education

Professional Education
Provides educational presentations to professionals and group members about health disparities and various cancers as well as clinical trials

Running with the Buckeyes 5K
Raises money for injured athletes

Sister Screen Saver Program
Provides breast health education and mammograms to underinsured women via The James mobile mammography unit.

Sjogen's Disease Family Support Group
Provides education materials and lectures to patients and families about nutrition

Summer Camp Field Trip Experience
Gives presentations to children to foster appreciation of health professions

Tobacco Cessation Clinic
Offers tobacco cessation education to tobacco users

Vive Mejor, Vive Feliz
Provides education about cancer

"The Center for Cancer Health Equity is working to reach minority and underserved populations - especially our new immigrant and refugee populations - so that we can educate them and set them on pathways that empower them to access services such as age appropriate cancer screenings." Chastity Washington, MPH, CHES, program director, Center for Cancer Health Equity

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