Schedule your vaccine appointment using the Ohio State MyHealth mobile app

Log in to MyChart

1. Login to MyChart.

2. Tap "Appointments."

3. Tap "Schedule with MyChart" or "Schedule an Appointment." You'll be prompted to log in to MyChart.

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Reschedule in MyChart

4. Tap "Tell us the reason for your visit."

5. Tap "COVID-19 Vaccination."

6. You'll be prompted with several questions. Select an answer for each one and then tap "Continue" to move to the next question.

select location and time

7. Select a location and then select "Continue." 

8. Select an appointment time and then select "Continue." 


9. You must fill out the appointment comment section. This is a required field. Ex., "I am scheduling this appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine."

10. Tap "Schedule."

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