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December 20, 2011

​​AukermanGlenCOLUMBUS, Ohio - Dr. Glen Aukerman, medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at The Ohio State University Medical Center, has written a book for people who want achieve better health with a whole body approach to wellness.

Aukerman’s book, Better Health in 120 Days:  Finding Answers with the WEE Protocol for a Genomic-Specific Nutritional Plan, explains his personalized nutritional plan which is designed to restore the way genes work by removing toxic foods from the diet, enhancing healthy foods and supporting areas where a person’s nutrients are deficient. 

“All of us have deficiencies and are exposed to toxicities. This plan can help anyone correct what is lacking in their diet and live healthier,” said Aukerman. “This nutritional plan is based on my research and decades of practice. It has been used by me and my patients in more than 34,000 patient visits and is very predictable in its results.”

Aukerman’s nutrition plan allows those in ill health to regain strength back to health and for those close to wellness, the plan corrects deficiencies and toxicities. Better health is achieved through physician assessment, patient education and adjusting nutrition as needed to enhance gene performance.

“We are what we eat, minus what we are deficient, minus what we are toxic,” explains Aukerman. “Our genes made us unique, but our modern diet makes us average. This book provides real life examples of success, a nutritional plan to get a person back on track with what their genes are intended to have to be their natural best.”

Better Health in 120 Days is Dr. Aukerman’s first book. 

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