Department of Neurological Surgery

CarrauRicardoProfessor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
Professor, Speech & Hearing Science

College of Medicine
Department of Neurological Surgery, Otolaryngology

Starling Loving Hall
320 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-293-8074
Fax: 614-293-3193

Research interests: Surgical training and surgical simulators, surgical anatomy, telemedicine, clinical outcome studies (skull base, head and neck, swallowing disorders, salivary gland disorders), development of endonasal reconstructive techniques

Background: Dr. Carrau is an otolaryngologist – head & neck surgeon with many clinical and research interests, including head oncology, swallowing disorders, salivary gland disorders and sialendoscopy, endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic and open skull base surgery. He joined the faculty of Ohio State’s Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery in 2011 as a tenured professor, director of the Comprehensive Skull Base Surgery Program and co-director of the Anatomy Laboratory Toward Visuospatial Innovation in Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery (ALT-VISION), a research and education lab.

In 2014, the OSUCCC – James received a five-year, $11 million Specialized Program of Research Excellence grant from the National Cancer Institute to study thyroid cancer. He is co-leading one of the projects being supported by the grant: a study that attempts to identify biomarkers of damage to salivary glands and find new ways of protecting them from damage they can incur during thyroid cancer treatment.

He has been a doctor for more than 35 years, and served in the Air Force Reserve for five as a major in the medical corps. He has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles, and edited, co-edited or co-written more than a dozen medical books. He was raised in Puerto Rico and is bilingual in English and Spanish. He also has conversational skills in Portuguese and speaks a little Italian and French.

Medical School, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
General Surgery Residency, University Hospital
Otolaryngology Residency, University Hospital
Head & Neck Surgery Fellowship, Eye and Ear Hospital of Pittsburgh 

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