To contact a patient by phone, you may call Patient Information and ask to be connected to the patient's room phone.


U.S. Mail is delivered each morning by volunteer staff. Include the patient's name and the following addresses when sending mail:

  • University Hospital Rhodes Hall (Room #) or University Hospital Doan Hall (Room #)  410 W. 10th Ave.  Columbus, Ohio 43210 
  • Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital (Room #)  452 W. 10th Ave.  Columbus, Ohio 43210 
  • Dodd Hall (Room #)  480 W. 9th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210


When ordered from local florists, flowers are delivered as follows:

  • Main Campus – Volunteers deliver flowers to rooms on weekdays before 4 p.m. On weekends, florists deliver upon arrival
  • East Hospital – Florists deliver upon arrival

Please note: For the safety of our patients, live plants and cut flowers are not permitted in intensive care units.


Only Mylar-style balloons are permitted in Medical Center buildings, due to latex allergy concerns.

In general, address all items to: Patient Name, Room Number, Hospital Name and Address.

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