Main Campus: 

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center has many places for visitors to retreat to for a break.

Atrium – The Atrium is located on the fifth floor of Rhodes Hall. It is a waiting and information area for family members and visitors. In the Atrium, visitors can grab a bite to eat at the beverage and snack vending machines or use a computer with Internet access. The Library for Health Information, a resource for trustworthy health information, can also be found in the Atrium.

Chlois G. Ingram Spirit of Women Park – The Spirit of Women Park features tiles of etched glass that appear to be floating atop a reflecting pool, as well as benches and picnic tables. The park is located across from the SAFEAUTO Garage.

Medical Center Plaza – Located outside the Ross Heart Hospital and Rhodes Hall entrances, the Plaza offers seating and a quiet place to eat, read or get fresh air.

Phyllis A. Jones Legacy Park – Located across 10th Avenue from the James, the park was designed to evoke The Oval from the heart of the Ohio State campus for patients and visitors to enjoy a restful, peaceful garden and find comfort and solace.

Phyllis Kaldor Hope Garden – Located just outside the main entrance to the James, the garden is home to the Statue of Hope, which was designed by Alfred Tibor and dedicated to all people, offering hope and inspiration.

Rooftop Gardens – Open-air gardens are available on the 14th floor of The James serving as a source of inspiration and relaxation for patients and visitors. Including flowers, trees and shrubs, the gardens provide a view of either downtown Columbus or the Ohio State campus.

Sanctuaries – Three sanctuary spaces can be found on the Medical Center campus for prayer, contemplation and reflection 24-hours a day. In The James, the Pauline & Leonard Schnipke Sanctuary, is located near the top of the grand staircase on level one. In Rhodes Hall, a sanctuary is located in the fifth-floor atrium. In the Brain and Spine Hospital, a sanctuary is located within the main lobby.

East Hospital:

The Garden – Located off of the cafeteria on the ground floor of the Tower building. The Garden offers seating and a quiet place to eat, read or enjoy the outdoors. 

The Fountain – Located just in front of the hospital near the valet stand. The Fountain is a great outdoor relaxation area. 

The Chapel – Located on the third floor of the north wing of the hospital. The Chapel is a private area that is open 24-hours a day for prayer, contemplation and reflection. Learn more about the spiritual support services we offer. 

The Library for Health Information – Located on the second floor of the Tower building. This is a place where you can find trusted, valid health information. Please ask your care provider for directions and inform the nurses station, if you plan to leave the unit.

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