Can I choose who’ll provide my post-acute and home-based care services?

Absolutely. If you know the home-based care providers you want for your care at home, or the skilled nursing facility to which you want to be transferred, we’ll honor your choices and work with them to ensure that your transition is smooth and timely. We have a great deal of experience with most providers in Ohio, so it’s likely we’ve worked with them before. If you don’t have preferred providers, we can help you find those that are covered by your health insurance and that offer the services you need in a location you desire.

Do I need a physician or other health care provider referral for these services?

Yes, most Ohio State post-acute and home-based care services do require a referral from your family physician, a hospital discharge planner or other health care provider. For services needed after a hospital stay, a case manager will meet with you to plan your move home or to your next level of care, and they’ll arrange the referrals for you.

Our services listed under “Advanced Urgent Home Care” and “Telehealth” do not require a referral.

Will my health insurance pay for these services?

Most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, will pay for all or a portion of your post-acute and home-based care services. Our hospital discharge planners and most of our health care provider offices will work to obtain this information for you in advance. In some cases, our partner organization that provides the service will contact you directly with more specific information. Your insurance plan may have deductibles, co-pays and benefit caps on some services, so it’s also wise for you to contact your health insurance provider to confirm the extent of your coverage for each service.

How will my care be managed after I’m discharged from the hospital?

Whether you’re discharged to your home or to another level of care such as skilled nursing, our care coordinators will ensure that all the services you need are scheduled and your primary care provider is notified. If you are discharged home, an advanced practice nurse will visit or contact you soon after your discharge to check on your progress and schedule additional services, if necessary.

Can you help me select a skilled nursing facility?

If you don’t already have a preferred provider, we will provide you with several options that offer the services you need, the location and amenities you desire and one that’s covered by your health insurance. These options include dozens of facilities across Ohio that are members of our Quality Provider Network. 

What happens if I need home care after I leave the hospital?

If the care you need is for a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately. If this is a non-emergency situation and you’re currently being seen by providers from one of our home-care partner organizations, such as OSU Home Care, they should be your first point of contact.

If you need home care after these services have ended, contact our advanced urgent home care service provider DispatchHealth to schedule a home visit in as quick as two hours. You can also contact your primary health care provider or visit an Ohio State advanced urgent care or same-day care location if you wish to be seen in person.

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