When we neglect the mental game, common struggles include:

  • Concentration problems
  • Performance anxiety
  • Choking or slumps

Developing mental toughness is one of the top challenges for athletes. As sport psychologists, we train you in the skills necessary to rise above performance struggles. We help you go from fear of failure to embracing the process, regardless of the outcome.

We have expertise in mental health and performance psychology. Sports psychology understands the demands of the unique athletic culture. We can provide athletes with tools to maintain good mental health, manage stress effectively and build quality relationships, which can improve your performance on and off the field.

Our Services

Our Services

We base our services, timing and pricing on a thorough assessment of your needs and performance goals.

Why choose The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for sport psychology?

As the providers for more than 5,000 central Ohio competitors and performers, including sport psychology consultation for Ohio State’s athletes and varsity teams, we have an in-depth understanding of high-pressure athletic environments.
Our Sport Psychologists

How we can help with the mental aspect of your game

Why Counseling?

Sport Psychologist Dr. Jamey Houle breaks down the stigma of seeking counseling with a simple explanation of how seeking professional help with our mental game has the positive effect of creating strategies that make us happier.

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The Psychology of Sleep

Dr. Jen Carter discusses strategies and skills for getting better sleep, as ultimately, it could be one of several factors affecting your athletic performance.

How Can I be Less Stressed?

Sport Psychologist Dr. Jamey Houle shares his top tip for how to reduce stress in our lives. 

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On The Sideline

Dr. Jen Carter shares how the benefits of sport psychology extend beyond office visits and to the sideline. Our experts attend practices, meet with coaches and even consult with school administrators.