Expertise to Provide the Very Best in Patient Care

Very-Best-in-Patient-CareSince our transplant program first began in 1967, the Comprehensive Transplant Center at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has become a world leader in lifesaving care and transplant research, providing heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas and kidney-pancreas transplants.

  • Our team of specialty-trained transplant experts includes disease specialists, transplant surgeons, infectious disease physicians, transplant coordinators, advanced practice providers, social workers, psychiatrists and transplant pharmacists — all working together to provide high-quality, personalized care.
  • Our time to transplant is above regional median wait times for all organs.
  • As an academic medical center, our physician scientists research ways to improve immune system acceptance of new organs, surgical outcomes and the molecular biology behind organ injury and repair. We currently perform organ perfusion to rehabilitate donated kidneys, lungs, livers and hearts that were once considered unusable as well as transplant hepatitis C-positive kidneys, livers and hearts.
  • Our physicians hold leadership positions in national transplant organizations, including the United Network for Organ Sharing and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, working to advance the science, practice and policy of organ transplantation.
  • Our researchers are increasing efforts to treat diseases causing organ failure with the development of Total Transplant Care Program (TTCP) – a process to obtain patient-approved biological samples and medical history information to be studied that may change the way we prevent, diagnose and treat organ diseases and perform transplantations in the future.
  • Our in-house Organ Recovery Team and Clinical Histocompatibility (tissue typing) Laboratory provide seamless and efficient coordination prior to surgery, providing faster time to transplant for better patient outcomes.
  • Each year, approximately 600 people receive the gift of life an organ transplant — at the Ohio State Comprehensive Transplant Center.

Transplant Firsts at Ohio State


Living donor kidney transplant – Ohio State’s first organ transplant


One of the first centers in the United States to study cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant that revolutionized transplantation


Liver transplant – first in Ohio


Pancreas transplant


Heart transplant


Combined kidney-pancreas transplant


Lung transplant


Double lung transplant

Laparoscopic living kidney donor surgery


Combined heart-double lung transplant

Paired kidney donation


One of very few sites in North America approved to process pancreatic islet cells for transplantation that may cure type 1 diabetes

Fourth institution in the country certified to implant the temporary CardioWest™ Total Artificial Heart, which serves as a bridge to transplant


Auto islet cell transplant


Allo islet cell transplant

Six-way kidney transplant – largest living donor kidney transplant chain performed in Ohio to date


Combined lung-kidney transplant – first in Ohio and only 37 performed is United States since 1995

One of only 20 centers nationwide chosen to participate in the NOVEL clinical trial with XVIVO Perfusion System™, potentially doubling the donor pool of lungs for transplantation


Split liver transplant


Living donor liver transplant – one of two locations able to perform in Ohio

One of a select few transplant centers to participate in the normo thermic ex-vivo liver perfusion clinical phase study

Transplant Biorepository established for research


Combined heart-liver transplant


Eight-way kidney transplant – largest single-institution living donor kidney transplant chain performed in Ohio to date

Combined heart-lung transplant


"Heart in a Box" monitoring system


OrganOx® metra® liver perfusion system