About the FREEDOM-1 Clinical Trial

If you are listed for a kidney transplant at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center's Comprehensive Transplant Center and will be transplanted from a living donor, you may be eligible to participate in the FREEDOM-1 study (FCR001). This phase III clinical trial is to learn more about whether an investigational cell therapy using stem cells can prevent the rejection of living donor kidney transplants without the need for lifelong anti-rejection medicine.

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is the only location in Ohio offering this study to our kidney transplant candidates planning to be transplanted from a living kidney donor.

Participation Criteria:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 60 (both recipient and donor)
  • Listed for kidney transplant at the Ohio State Comprehensive Transplant Center
  • Never diagnosed with or treated for any type of cancer (both recipient and donor)
  • Kidney recipient must be a first-time transplant candidate

The above participation list is not all-inclusive. For more details on eligibility criteria, visit Ohio State’s study page or contact Claire Carlin at 614-293-6182.

Learn more about FREEDOM-1 from principal investigator Todd Pesavento, MD:

Hear firsthand from a trial participant: