MS is often referred to as an invisible disease, showing no external signs or symptoms, but causing debilitating symptoms. Patients often have vision problems, loss of balance, chronic numbness, fatigue and cognitive issues. And they often feel frustration and fear at not being able to explain their symptoms to others. 

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is home to Ohio’s first Multiple Sclerosis Center. This comprehensive center is staffed with neurologists, physical therapists, social workers and specialists who are dedicated to improving the lives of people with MS.

In addition to this comprehensive care, our patients benefit from the latest leading-edge research into the cause and potential cures for this disease.

Researchers like Yuhong Yang, PhD, who is studying how an oral medication originally intended for patients with cancer could improve the lives of patients with MS. And researchers like Jaime Imitola, MD, who is investigating the relationship between inflammation and MS and identifying genes that could repair damage to the central nervous system.

With research funding for MS declining, these types of discoveries are fueled through giving and support from donors like you.

When you give to The Ohio State University Neurological Institute, you are investing in real research that is having a real impact on our patients’ lives. You are supporting the hope that one day a cure for MS and all neurological disorders will be found. And you are helping today’s patients thrive!

Make a difference in a patient’s life today by making a donation.

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