Ohio State's multidisciplinary team of wound specialists has the expertise to promote healing of wounds related to exposure to temperature extremes. Our professionals address the underlying causes and contributing health conditions that impact wound healing, often working closely with doctors in other specialties to heal your wound. Ohio State offers central Ohio's only adult burn care unit.

At Ohio State, we treat many patients who experience soft tissue or bone damage from radiation, even years after the radiation exposure occurred. These may be due to accidental exposure or radiation burns resulting from cancer or other treatment.

We also help heal these wound types:

  • Thermal wounds, including wounds caused by extreme temperatures that result in thermal injuries such as burns, sunburns and frostbite
  • Chemical wounds, which result from contact with or inhalation of chemicals that cause skin or lung damage
  • Electrical wounds, including heat, electrical, radiation, chemical and friction burns

We utilize advanced diagnostic techniques to create your personalized treatment plan, which may include non-invasive hyperbaric oxygen therapyminimally invasive vascular procedures and complex reconstructive surgery.

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