Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a chronic condition that affects patients for their entire lives. While a diagnosis of IBD can happen at any age, the typical range is 15-35 years old. 

We’re partnering with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to ensure that pediatric patients have a clear path to adult IBD care and to empower them to take ownership of their disease and treatment.

How it works:

  • Around age 16, Nationwide Children’s Hospital IBD patients will begin the transition process. Patient readiness will be determined by disease goals and milestones, as well as the patient’s developmental status.
  • At the patient’s last pediatric visit, our medical director, Dr. Afzali, will join the appointment through a telemedicine portal so that the transition of care happens smoothly.

Program benefits:

  • Streamlined disease management to ensure no interruption in care
  • Comfort to caregivers 
  • Empowerment of patient

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