Our Patients

Tom: Heart Attack

Tom woke up sweating profusely and feeling unwell, with a heavy pain in the center of his chest that spread to his arms when he got out of bed.
Watch his story.

Anne: Heart Rhythm

Anne thought she was having panic attacks, but it turned out to be more serious: Thanks to cardiology teams at The Ross Heart Hospital, she was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and received the treatment she needed.
Watch her story.

Quovardis: Women's Heart

When Quovardis started having heart palpitations to the point that she was gasping for air, she knew something was seriously wrong. Watch her story.

Dr. Roehll: Heart Rhythm

It's pretty unusual when a patient has a heart condition that doctors can't explain. It's even more unusual when the patient is a doctor himself. Watch his story.

Wendell: Heart Transplant

When Wendell started experiencing shortness of breath, he knew something might be wrong. He never imagined he'd need a new heart. Watch his story.

Aaron: Irregular Heartbeat

Aaron’s irregular heartbeat increasingly caused him to miss out on things that were important to him: time with his wife and three young daughters. 
Watch his story.

Gail: Heart Disease

Gail describes her heart event and the care she received at Ohio State from the EP team. Watch her story.

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