Working to advance treatment for HIV/AIDS and related illnesses

What is the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit?

The Ohio State AIDS Clinical Trials Unit is one of 30 sites nationwide that conduct federally sponsored research studies for the treatment of HIV and AIDS, and related illnesses. The unit is staffed by an expert, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

At the ACTU, volunteers may participate in studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and receive referrals to other Ohio State research programs. There are many good reasons to participate. These clinical trials are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved. An AIDS Resource Center (ARC) representative is on call and available for scheduled meetings.

Other on-site services include nutrition, X-rays, phlebotomy (blood draw) and PICC line (blood vessel catheter) placement.

AIDS Education and Training Centers

Ohio State’s ACTU is part of the AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) national network of centers conducting multidisciplinary education and training programs for healthcare providers treating individuals with HIV/AIDS. AETC services help improve the quality of life for individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Community Advisory Board – A Voice for Our Volunteers

As part of the federally funded AIDS Clinical Trials Group, Ohio State’s ACTU has a Community Advisory Board. This board provides advocacy and partnerships for affected communities, especially clinical trial participants. We encourage participants to ask questions about the research process and share their ideas and concerns.

If you are interested in participating in research at Ohio State’s AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, call 614-293-8112 and speak with our screening nurse. All information is strictly confidential.

Our Doctors

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