Kidney diseases and disorders are often part of a larger condition or disease that affects multiple organs. These diseases can be complex, requiring treatment to several systems in the body. The Division of Nephrology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, offers eight different clinics for highly specialized treatment of these complex illnesses.

Each clinic makes it possible for you to see a range of specialists in one convenient location, all on the same day. Not only does this simplify disease management for you, it allows your care team to easily collaborate on-site to provide the best possible individualized care.

These specialized treatment centers include:

Pregnancy and Kidney Disease Clinic

Women who have chronic kidney disease or an autoimmune disorder that affects the kidneys can experience increased complications with pregnancy. The Ohio State Pregnancy and Kidney Disease Clinic is one of a handful of specialized clinics in the nation designed to support women with kidney conditions who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant. We counsel women about the risks of pregnancy, help you in becoming pregnant and provide you with the best care through pregnancy and beyond.

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