Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience
Professor in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics

College of Medicine
Research Interests: Professor Wenk's research is focused upon the investigation of drugs that can either enhance cognitive function in aged humans and animals or rescue the brain from the consequences of normal and pathological aging.

Current Research: Dr. Wenk's research focuses on investigating the effects of drugs on brain function. 
Background: Dr. Wenk served on the faculty of the departments of Psychology and Pathology at Johns Hopkins University and later was program director for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and Biological Basis of Behavior Program, Division of Behavioral and Neural Sciences, at the National Science Foundation.

PhD: University of Cincinnati

Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Davies, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


  • Vernon and Virginia Furrow Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Five-Star Faculty Teaching Award
  • Media Interviews: Numerous magazines and radio stations, including NPR, WBZ, WJR and WABC, as well as local and national television programs, such as CNN, and other media, including Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Amanada Productions for a documentary on cognitive enhancers
  • Elected to Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for distinguished contributions in neuropharmacology, neurodegenerative diseases and neuroinflammatory processes

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