MobileEducationKitchenThe mobile education kitchen has been driving the streets of central Ohio, educating the community on cancer risk reduction through food and nutrition. The images of abundantly bright colored fruits and vegetables displayed on the truck make it highly visible and attract people to see what this mobile kitchen has to offer. It is an industrial kitchen on wheels, equipped to show up at any event or health fair and offer education through cooking and food demonstrations to those in attendance. It is operated by Associate Director Jim Warner of OSUWMC Nutrition Services, along with chefs and dietitians from the department. “The purpose of the mobile education kitchen is to educate individuals how a plant based diet, along with exercise, appropriate weight and a decrease in alcohol consumption can potentially lead to a decrease risk of certain cancers.”

Rolling into its second year, the mobile kitchen made appearances at over 40 events between May and October of 2018 that include schools, health fairs, community and corporate events. “Going out to the underserved communities and meeting people in their neighborhood parks is a great way to educate adults but also children.” It was featured at Pelotonia, a 3 day event dedicated to fighting cancer through a bicycle ride, with the nutrition services team handing out samples of a very berry protein recovery drink created by chef Dave Brue.

This mobile education kitchen is funded by a generous donation through the James and Celebration for Life. For more information or to request a visit to your next community or corporate event, please visit

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