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If you have opted in for text message reminders, you will no longer receive a reminder phone call three days prior to their appointment. You will only receive a text message reminder three days and one day prior to your appointment.

Also new … text message reminders will offer you the ability to cancel or confirm your appointment. When you receive the text reminder, you need to either text back: confirm txt YES or decline txt NO. Then a confirmation or cancellation message will be sent back to you.

Signing up for text alerts is easy.

Just text – OSUWMC – to 622-622. You’ll receive a confirmation text message back.

Text message reminders are offered only for Ohio State’s outpatient (non-hospital stay) provider appointments. At this time, radiology, surgeries and other inpatient hospital stays are not included in text reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are text alerts available for all OSU Wexner Medical Center services (surgeries, doctor appointments, PT, etc.)

A: Text alerts are only available for most Ohio State outpatient non-hospital stay providers (outpatient surgery and radiology are not included in text alerts at this time).

Q: How many days in advance of my appointment will I get a text message?

A: You will get a text reminder three days and the day before your appointment. 
Q: Will I be able to continue to get a phone call reminder in addition to my text reminder? 

A: No, patients will receive text message reminders only.

Q: If I have to cancel my appointment, can I text that information to my doctor or do I need to call? 

A: No, you would need to call your provider to cancel your appointment.

Q: Will I get a confirmation message back after I have signed up for text alerts? 

A: Yes

Q: How can I opt out of text message alerts? 

A: By texting STOP to the number that you used to enroll (622-622).  

Q: Will my number be used for other text messages from OSU Wexner Medical Center? 

A: We do not currently have plans to use texting for any other OSU Wexner Medical Center communication. 

Q: If I change my phone number, how do I update my number in the OSU Wexner Medical Center text reminder system? 

A: To update your number, you can let any staff member (scheduling, registration, etc) at OSU Wexner Medical Center know and they will update your information. 

Q: Will the system still send a second attempt text to the patient if they don’t respond to the first text message? 

A: Yes, an additional attempt will be made to contact the patient the following day.

Q: Can the patient confirm their appointment via the text message one day prior to their appointment?

A: No, the text message one day prior to the appointment is an FYI.

Q: Will any changes be made to reminder phone calls?

A: There will be no changes to reminder phone calls for those who will be receiving calls.

Q: What time will text messages begin to go out to patients?

A: Text messages will go out three days prior to the appointment beginning at 11 a.m.

Q: Can patients confirm their appointment at any time?

A: No, patients are able to confirm their appointment until 11 p.m. the day they receive the confirm/cancel text message. If patients attempt to confirm their appointment after 11 p.m., they will receive an error message.

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