After noticing a tear in Tom's aorta during an MRI, Subha Raman, MD, had to deliver the news that he would not be able to see the Buckeyes play in the 'Shoe that weekend.

"I came out of the MRI and she was standing there and she says, 'I need your car keys. I can't let you go home. We found a large aortic aneurysm'", said Tom. From there, Tom was directly admitted to The Ohio State University Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital for surgery.

While Tom has battled various heart-related issues, he is in great health today and credits his successful outcome to the care he received from Dr. Raman, who he says now feels like a member of his family.


"Life is all about choices...we made the right choice."

In appreciation of the outstanding care he received at the Ohio State Ross Heart Hospital, Tom and his wife, Jennifer, decided to make a generous donation to Ohio State to directly benefit Dr. Raman's work in heart and vascular disease. Dr. Raman's primary research interest involves investigating early detection methods of heart and vascular problems, like Tom’s, to prevent larger issues and complications for patients in the future. 

Tom describes the experience of giving back as enhancing his relationship with Dr. Raman, and he hopes that it will benefit other patients in the future.

"The confidence in what we do really helps energize me and my research team to strive higher and work harder," says Dr. Raman. With the resources that Tom and Jennifer have provided, her team has the ability to be more innovative and creative with their research to investigate underlying issues of heart and vascular disease.

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