Health promotion program improves care access for developmentally disabled

Havercamp_Image_RTFAs a national leader in the research and development of educational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, the Nisonger Center is committed to ensuring that children and adults with developmental disabilities have the same access to health care and health care insurance as the general population.

People with disabilities face alarming health disparities. They are less likely to receive routine preventive care and may have difficulty finding a physician who is trained in treating people with developmental disabilities.

Susan Havercamp, PhD, director of the Nisonger Center Health Promotion and Healthcare Parity Program, is committed to improving access to care for people with disabilities. She manages a training program for third-year medical students who, upon completing the program, are better equipped to address the medical issues of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Bridging these gaps in knowledge and communication has made a significant improvement in care for patients with developmental disabilities at Ohio State and beyond.

Dr. Havercamp serves on the board of the Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education, a non-profit group of medical and nursing schools that develops health care education programs and supports research on access to health care for people with developmental disabilities.