There are times when we’re moving so quickly that we fear we might pass ourselves in the hall.

I get it. These are very trying times during the COVID-19 outbreak. There are great demands, and there’s a great deal on the line. We must deliver! Lives are in the balance!

Yet there’s much to be said for maintaining a slower, more consistent path.

There are advantages to consistent progress. You are more able to check for errors. You take time to notice and recognize what others need. As Peabody said years ago, the secret of caring for patients is in caring for patients. Take time to understand what our patients need us to know. Understand what’s on their minds and in their hearts. Their deepest fears, what they live for and what they would die for. Caring is and always will be our greatest gift.

Now, for your viewing pleasure from The Ohio State University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health’s Stress Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program, here is your daily break: