Individualized care to help patients meet their cholesterol and lipid management goals. Treatment plans may include a combination of lifestyle modification coaching and management of medications, with the goal of reducing the instances of disease caused by an abnormally high amount of lipids in the blood, including heart attacks and strokes. Our team consists of cardiologists and pharmacists with specialty training and certification in lipid management, and access to dietitians and genetics specialists.

Our service specializes in:

  • Cardiovascular event risk reduction
  • Advanced risk assessment through laboratory testing
  • Screening and management of medication intolerances that may worsen conditions
  • Heart attack and stroke prevention
  • Advanced treatment options, including PCSK9 inhibitors, LDL apheresis and clinical trials 
  • Positive lifestyle modifications
  • Review of previous medications, current medications and the potential for interactions

If you have an intolerance to therapy, difficulty achieving lipid goals, a strong family history of heart disease, low HDL, high triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, familial hypercholesterolemia or are on medications that are a high risk for interactions, then you may benefit from our Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and Lipid Management service.



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