If you have a heart rhythm disorder, you need an experienced team on your side that can get the condition under control and provide you relief from your symptoms. Heart and vascular experts at Ohio State have the skills and techniques to do just this. Our team offers the latest in diagnostic and treatment options

Why choose Ohio State for heart rhythm treatment?

The Ohio State Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital has an entire floor dedicated to the care of patients with arrhythmia. The staff members of this specialized unit, from our physicians to our nurses and support staff, are experts in the care and management of heart rhythm disorders. We coordinate care between your physicians and staff to improve efficiency and outcomes. Our facilities and services include: 

  • Six state-of-the-art invasive heart rhythm procedure laboratories equipped with sophisticated imaging and mapping technologies, including one of the nation's first dedicated hybrid operating suites, where we can perform complex procedures. 
  • Dedicated 30-bed inpatient unit for arrhythmia management. 
  • 25 recovery units staffed by nurses who specialize in pre- and postoperative management of arrhythmia patients. 
  • Two teams for specialized cardiac anesthesia support. 
  • Specialty clinics for genetically related arrhythmias, with patient access to genetic counseling, gene therapy and testing to identify genetic tendencies toward arrhythmias. We also have a clinic specializing in sarcoidosis-related arrhythmias and non-response to cardiac resynchronization therapy, which we run in cooperation with the Ross Heart Hospital’s team of heart failure specialists. 
  • Outpatient care through cardiac device and antiarrhythmic medication specialty clinics. 
  • Outreach centers throughout central Ohio that deliver Ohio State’s expertise conveniently to surrounding communities to treat a wide variety of aneurysms. Our participation in national clinical trials helps direct the development of the next generation of stent grafts for the treatment of aneurysms.
Heart rhythm conditions treated

Heart rhythm conditions treated

Ohio State cardiologists and heart and vascular surgeons provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of heart rhythm disorders, including:
Advanced heart rhythm treatment options

Advanced heart rhythm treatment options

National leaders in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, our team offers leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options for heart rhythm conditions. We offer cardiac event monitor devices for you to wear over the course of several weeks at home to help accurately diagnose your heart rhythm disorder.  

The treatment options we offer include:

Heart rhythm clinics to streamline your Ohio State heart and vascular care

Our team offers a variety of heart rhythm clinics to help you manage, track and streamline your care across your Ohio State providers. The clinics we offer include inherited arrhythmia clinic and antiarrhythmic medications monitoring clinic.

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