Schedule your vaccine appointment using the MyChart website (desktop computer)

Need to make changes to an existing appointment? View step-by-step instructions for rescheduling or canceling your appointment

Are you on your smartphone? View step-by-step instructions for scheduling on the MyHealth app

Log in to MyChart

1. Log in to MyChart

2. Go to Visits or Appointments

3. Select ‘Schedule an Appointment’

Select COVID-19 Vaccination

4. Select "COVID-19 Vaccination."

Answer each question and select Continue

5. You'll be prompted to answer several questions. Answer each question and select Continue to move to the next question until you're complete.

Questions may ask about your pregnancy status, breastfeeding status, past severe allergic reactions, whether you have an immunocompromising condition, whether you have had any other vaccines in the past 14 days, whether you have received certain COVID-19 treatments in the past 90 days, and whether you have recently tested positive for COVID-19. If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, you may need to answer additional clarifying questions during the scheduling process or when you arrive for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Select appointment location and time

6. Select a location and then select "Continue." 

7. Select an appointment time and then select "Continue." 


8. You must fill out the appointment comment section. This is a required field. Ex., I am scheduling this appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

9. Select "Schedule." You must complete this step for your appointment to be scheduled.

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