The CARE Study: Caregiving for a Spouse with a Memory Disorder

The CARE Study is being conducted to understand how the stresses of caring for a spouse or partner with a memory disorder affects the immune system, as well as risk for depression and anxiety problems. We are recruiting two groups of participants, those spouses who are providing care for a partner with a memory disorder as well as control participants who are not providing care for a partner or other family member. Study participants complete three short visits over the course of two years and are compensated for their time.

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The NCHAT Stress Biology Study (NCHAT-BIO)

The National Couple’s Health and Time Study (NCHAT) collects information on daily experiences, stress, and family experiences. The researchers are looking to see how these experiences affect the health of individuals and families. NCHAT-BIO is an extension of NCHAT. In this study, researchers are looking at how these experiences may affect your health through biological markers in your blood.

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