Ashley began her graduate studies in 2017 at the University of Michigan before relocating to The Ohio State University with the Segal Lab. She remains a PhD candidate in the Immunology Graduate Program at UM. Ashley was awarded the Bernard Maas Fellowship and the Rackham Pre-Candidacy Research Grant from Rackham Graduate School. Her dissertation work focuses on elucidating the role of Ten-Eleven Translocase 2 (TET2) in myeloid cells during the progression of CNS autoimmunity. Ashley currently serves as the graduate student representative for the Autumn Immunology Conference (AIC) general council.

Prior to beginning graduate school, Ashley received her B.S in Biomedical Sciences from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Her undergraduate work examined the role of autophagy in the context of C. elegans oogenesis under the advisement of Dr. Chris Trzepacz. Ashley also worked as a summer student during the summer of 2016 in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Barry studying the use of adenovirus vectors for oncolytic cancer immunotherapies.