While the barbell is a simple tool that most can easily learn to use properly, our program focuses on the biomechanics behind the scenes and the process of stress, recovery and adaptation your body undergoes while training. Whether you’re seeking fitness, strength, weight loss, lean muscle gain or some other goal, strength training is beneficial for human performance and function. However, it can cause injury and muscle sprains. If that happens to you, our experts treat injuries related to:

  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Functional fitness
  • Powerlifting
  • Strongman training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Weightlifting

The Evaluation

Due to the technical nature of strength events, our team will perform a full body assessment of your mobility and motor control. We compare this to your unique body type to determine the most effective technique for you, using a slow motion analysis of your lifting.

We’ll provide customized rehabilitation after sports injury or surgery. From the weightlifting evaluation, we can personalize a training program to push your body to an optimal level of strength, which could include:

  • Analysis of injury risk factors with prescription of exercises to minimize the likelihood of injury
  • Barbell training advice and programming
  • Sport psychology services
  • Sports nutrition and dietary intervention 
Program availability varies by location. Uninjured individuals looking to prevent injury or improve performance will be charged $125 for the one-hour evaluation. Current patients or injured individuals who have a physician referral can have these services billed through insurance.

As health care providers and strength sport participants ourselves, we apply our intimate understanding of movement science to help individuals maintain their highest level of function without pain or injury. This unique perspective is a benefit that strength athletes will not find elsewhere. 

When Gains Bring Pains

Our experts will personalize an exercise plan to give you optimal level of strength and performance and reduce the risk of future injuries when weight training.

Tools to Get Stronger

Strength training isn't just for weight lifting athletes, it is important for all athletes. Ohio State Sports Medicine has some preferred stretches for improved performance.

Supersize your Workout

Weightlifting just like any other sport can cause injury, here we share which exercises we think you should be avoiding at the gym to prevent these injuries.

Our Experts Who Work With Barbell Athletes

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