Athletes and active individuals require proper nutrition for optimal health and performance. Our experienced sports dietitians work with athletes of all levels to develop nutrition plans tailored to their sport, season and goals. We use a comprehensive approach that educates athletes on the importance of food quality, meal timing and proper hydration to effectively fuel training, aid recovery and enhance performance. Our team offers guidance for individuals recovering from an injury or seeking body composition changes to enhance their performance and improve overall health and wellness, as well as:

  • One-on-on consultations for individualized meal plans
  • Enhanced recovery fueling plan for durability in sport
  • Correcting energy balance to meet weight goals
  • Body composition testing
  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • Bone density testing
  • Hydration testing
  • Hydration plan for activity
  • Supplement review and/or needs depending on goals
  • Nutritional support for recovering from injury
  • Guidance on special medical dietary restrictions related to performance
  • Changing nutritional needs when transitioning from competitive sport

Our Sports Nutrition Services

Every athlete has unique metabolic needs and goals. We provide comprehensive testing, counseling and nutrition programming to help maximize each individual’s performance. Check with your insurance provider to determine your plan's coverage of Nutritional Services visits.

Why choose The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for Sports Nutrition?

As the providers for more than 5,000 central Ohio athletes and tactical individuals, including over 20 years’ experience working with The Ohio State University’s student athletes covering 36 sports, we have an in-depth understanding of the nutritional needs of the athlete.

In addition, our sports dietitians are board-certified specialists in sports nutrition. Our advanced clinical knowledge, experience and skills ensure the highest level of expertise in helping with your nutritional goals. Ohio State’s commitment to maintaining specialist certification is testimony to our commitment to high standards of patient care and keeping pace with the rapidly expanding base of scientific evidence in the sport nutrition arena.

A closer look at Sports Nutrition

Nutrition and Sports Performance

Good nutrition is an important aspect to athletic training. There's no substitute or supplement for a balanced diet, as Kacie Vavrek, MS, RN, LD, explains.

Athletes and Eating Disorders

Dr. Jen Carter shares how sports present both risks and protective factors for eating disorders, from the pressure to fit into a certain body type for a given sport to the benefit of having a great social network associated with being part of a team.

Our Sports Dietitians

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