The Individualized Care and Education (ICE) Program at Ohio State focuses on developing an individualized treatment plan for the care and management of your asthma, regardless of its severity.

We are devoted to providing complete, comprehensive health care for our asthma patients. We have the staff and the facilities to perform a thorough evaluation, and recommend treatment of your symptoms, including any related health conditions than can have an effect on your asthma care. Often this can be difficult to accomplish in a primary care setting alone.

Our asthma patients experience improved quality of life and outcomes when they have an individualized asthma action plan to follow. The ICE team targets the specific unique needs of each asthma patient in conjunction with a primary care physician’s ongoing care.


At your first visit: A comprehensive history will be taken and a physical exam will be performed. The history will focus on your asthma symptoms, triggers, exposures, response to medications and other factors that may be affecting your asthma control. Testing will be ordered to evaluate or confirm findings. Additionally, medications will be adjusted according to the latest evidence-based guidelines to maximize control of your asthma.

At your second visit: The results of your tests will be reviewed with you. Your asthma control and response to medications will also be assessed. If your asthma remains uncontrolled, your medications may be adjusted.

At your third visit: Your asthma control will be assessed, and your medications may be adjusted. An individualized asthma action plan will be developed which will help you identify worsening asthma symptoms, and give recommendations on the appropriate action when you are ill.

Any future visits will be up to you and your primary care physician. We will be happy to continue providing asthma care, or your primary care physician can provide your care based on the plan developed by the ICE program.

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