Physicians who specialize in voice and swallowing disorders at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are fellowship-trained surgeons. These specialists receive training above the level most ENT specialists receive. Half of the fellowship specialists in all of Ohio can be found at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center.

Our patients range from anyone who’s coughing more than they should be to nationally renowned touring singers with vocal impairment. We see more patients for paradoxical vocal cord motion disorder (PVCMD) – a vocal cord abnormality that mimics asthma – than any other facility in the United States. We’re considered among the world’s experts on PVCMD, partly because our academic affiliation enables us to conduct research that leads to better diagnosis and treatment.

Where your only option elsewhere may be surgery, we often offer various other safe and effective alternatives. For example, we helped develop an in-office injection procedure that has enabled patients with vocal cord paralysis avoid more invasive surgery.


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Tips from our experts

How can I protect my voice from injury?

Dr. deSilva offers tips for proper vocal hygiene to keep your voice in optimal condition.

Do I need to see a voice specialist?

Dr. Matrka explains when to see a voice specialist and the importance of getting symptoms checked early.

What's causing this chronic cough?

Throat clearing and cough are very common issues. Dr. deSilva explains potential cause of these symptoms and additional problems throat clearing and cough can create.

What does it mean if my vocal cords aren't working properly?

Vocal fold paralysis is when one or more of the vocal cords aren't working properly. Dr. deSilva explains the causes of this common condition and treatment options offered at Ohio State.

What vocal cord issues should I be concerned about as someone who smokes?

Smoking can have lasting effects on the vocal cords. Dr. Matrka explains some of these common vocal issues and Ohio State's expertise in treating them.
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