Ohio State's drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs at Talbot Hall has helped more people with addiction disorders than any other program in central Ohio.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs at Talbot Hall can help addicts quit their addiction and move on to a more productive life. Addiction disorders such as alcohol and drug abuse can be treated with detoxification, abstinence, support from a 12-step program, compliance with physician-prescribed medications and psychotherapy.

Inpatient Detoxification – An intensive, medically managed program in which patients are prescribed medication to facilitate a safe and more comfortable withdrawal from chemicals. Once the person is stabilized, education, skills training, counseling and participation in a 12-step program are offered and encouraged.

Partial Hospitalization – Structured care program for at least five hours during the typical eight-hour workday. This program offers an alternative to more costly overnight hospitalization while providing support for those who may not be ready to make a full return to home or work.

Intensive Outpatient – Three-hour sessions are attended three times per week. Sessions, offered in the mornings and evenings, allow individuals to maintain family and work responsibilities while moving forward in recovery. Family programming is offered and 12-step participation is encouraged. Upon completion of this program, the person is offered continuing-care group sessions for one year, free of charge.

Outpatient – Individual or group therapy that is approximately one hour per week to help the person learn and practice skills to manage the addiction disorder.


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