Due to the repetitive nature of endurance sport activities, a slight misalignment can create inefficiency or pain. When evaluated promptly, many injuries can be treated early, preventing time away from competition or activity. Our expert analysis programs are helping athletes correct their technique, improve biomechanics and prevent injuries.

How our specialists can help you

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or swimmer (uninjured or injured), we’ll watch the way you move and assess how these movements impact your joints. Select your sport below to view a few examples of what we review and how improper or unbalanced movement can limit your ultimate race potential, from single events to duathlons and triathlons. Be sure to visit our Sports Nutritionists as well to learn more about what you put into your body and how it can help you fight muscle damage, improve performance and even avoid some chronic injuries. 


When does pain from endurance training need rest or medical management?



Pain subsides after a few hours of rest

  • Continue to train
  • Begin using ice and NSAIDs, especially if pain reaches a 3 or above on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Mention pain to coach

Heads Up

Pain continues 4-8 hours after resting

  • Consider “relative rest” – decrease training volume, longer warm-up and slower speeds
  • Handle with coach


Pain continues into the next day after training

  • Consider removing from training
  • Three-day trial of absolute rest
  • Refer to sports medicine physician and rehabilitation


All runners should consider a running gait analysis. Runners who are experiencing any type of pain can benefit from the advice and anyone looking to make improvements and prevent future injuries will find it valuable, too.
Performing a dynamic warmup prior to activity will help improve movement patterns and decrease inefficiencies or gait abnormalities.
A gait analysis with Ohio State Sports Medicine can help get you to your ultimate race potential.
The Runner’s Performance Lab evaluation includes a doctor’s visit, nutrition consultation, body composition testing, VO2 max testing and a video running gait analysis


Having pain when you cycle?
Want to improve your cycling performance?
Dissatisfied with the comfort of your bike?
Would you like to increase your safety while riding?
Looking to prevent injuries in the future?

We recommend you have a bike fit analysis.

A bike fitting with Ohio State Sports Medicine can put you on a safe and pain-free path for race day.


Swimmers should consider a video swim stroke analysis for multiple reasons. If you have pain with swimming, slow motion video feedback and swim stroke advice can correct common errors that lead to pain. In addition, performance and confidence can improve with proper timing and form that can be learned with corrective exercises and drills.
A swim stroke analysis with Ohio State Sports Medicine can help you break through the density of the water.
An overview of our Endurance Medicine team and what we do for athletes.

Our Experts Who Work With Endurance Athletes

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