1- Download-MyHealth

Step 1: Download the Ohio State MyHealth app

The MyHealth app is available in the Apple App Store (iPhone) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Download the Ohio State MyHealth app

2- MyHealth Appointments

Step 2: Open the MyHealth app

You can join your virtual visit 20 minutes prior to the start of the appointment.
  • Tap the "Appointments" tile
  • Tap "My Appointments"
You will be prompted to log in to MyChart.
3- MyChart-Login

Step 3: Log in to MyChart

  • Enter your MyChart username and password to log in
  • Tap the telemedicine or virtual visit appointment in the appointments list
5- start-visit-copy-3

Step 5: Begin your visit

Beginning 20 minutes before your appointment time, a green “BEGIN VISIT” button will appear at the bottom of your video visit appointment page.

  • Click the button when you’re ready to chat with your health care provider.

It’s recommended that you join at least five minutes ahead of your appointment time.

4- e-checkin

Step 4: Complete preregistration

  • Tap "preregistration"

During preregistration you will be asked to confirm a few pre-appointment details before you can start your visit.

You must complete preregistration before starting your visit.