As alumni of Ohio State, Pamela and her husband had always been interested in giving back to the university. “They were four of the best years of our lives,” Pamela says. 

What propelled Pamela and her family to donate was their visit to Ohio State’s Nisonger Center, which works with individuals with special needs, such as autism. Having raised a son with autism, Pamela and her husband were motivated by the Nisonger Center’s efforts.

Helping Others Manage Autism


Pamela's Story

“Right then and there, there was a connection,” Pamela says. “We have a son with autism.” Pamela describes her son as a fully functioning, happy, productive adult, despite his condition. Upon visiting Ohio State's Nisonger Center, she and her husband were impressed with the diagnostics and treatments that were available. “We thought, ‘This is incredible.' "


They learned that the Nisonger Center works with children, teenagers and adults with autism, and even provides a post-secondary program that encourages them to attend college like their neuro-typical peers. Pamela now ponders what an impact a place like this could have made on her son while he was growing up and on other families with autistic children.


Being able to help families like theirs through the Nisonger Center is important to Pamela and her husband, and is what compelled them to give back. Your support, too, can provide others with the assistance they need to push their limits and live their dreams.

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