Medical questions don’t always come up when your doctor’s office is open. You used to have to wait for business hours, leave a message and hope the return call came when you were available to take it. What if you could communicate with your provider when it worked best for you?

You can do that and more with MyChart, a free and secure online portal to exchange messages with your provider, request appointments, renew prescriptions, check your test results the moment they are released and much more.

MyChart Features

access device

Access on any device

Access MyChart through the Ohio State MyHealth mobile app or desktop computer to manage your medical information anytime, because life happens outside of business hours.
message healthcare

Message your healthcare provider

Send medical questions to your provider with messages any time of the day at no extra cost.
test results

View test results

Receive notifications in MyChart Inbox the moment your test results have been added to your medical record.
renew perscriptions

Renew prescriptions

Send a request for any of your renewable medications.
request appointments

Request appointments

Schedule, reschedule or cancel your next appointment, and view other details of upcoming appointments.
access device

Update your personal health summary

You can update your personal health summary, including allergies, immunizations, current health issues and medications you’re taking.
Access to loved ones

Grant access to trusted loved ones

Trusted individuals can help securely manage your healthcare needs when you’re not easily able to do so yourself. Parents can act as proxies for their children, adult children can view health information for aging parents and spouses can grant access to one another.

Sign Up

To create a MyChart account, use the Instant Activation email you received when scheduling an appointment, request an activation code from your provider’s office or join online.

Learn more about how to create a MyChart account with our easy step-by-step MyChart activation guide.


If you already have a MyChart account but have forgotten your username or password, it’s easy to reset your account. Visit the sign-in page and select “Forgot Password” or contact MyChart technical support.

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