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We provide comprehensive evaluations for adults with concerns about attention, memory and other neurocognitive abilities.

The Ohio State University Neuropsychology Clinic provides outpatient adult evaluation services on the basis of physician referral. Clinical neuropsychology is a recognized doctoral-level specialty involving the assessment of cognitive, emotional and behavioral health in the context of a range of neurological, neuropsychiatric and medical conditions or pre/postsurgical or other interventions.

Neuropsychology is defined by training that conforms to specialty-delineated standards across doctoral, residency and fellowship levels. This includes coursework, clinical training and research spanning psychology, behavior, and intervention and assessment techniques coupled with neuroscience, neurology, structural and functional neuroanatomy, neuroimaging and diagnostic techniques, and pharmacology. Currently, our neuropsychology faculty members include:

More about the Neuropsychology Clinic

More about the Neuropsychology Clinic

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