The IBMR functions as an incubator to create and disseminate cutting edge mind-body research that will enhance individual and community health.

Established in 1996, the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (IBMR) is the cornerstone of a broad research program at The Ohio State University in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) – the study of how the brain interacts with the body's immune system. This field has evolved from a novel area of curiosity to an important scientific field, one that has meaningful implications for public health and great promise for enhancing medical treatments.

Our researchers represent expertise in the fields of immunology, virology, psychiatry, psychology, endocrinology, molecular biology, behavior, oncology and the neurosciences. Recent work by our researchers has shown that:

  • Chronic stress can weaken the immune status of caregivers, thereby increasing their risk for certain diseases.
  • High levels of psychological stress can impede wound healing, impairing recovery from minor procedures to major surgery.
  • High levels of stress may interfere with the efficacy of bacterial and viral vaccines.
  • Even among healthy, “happy” individuals, minor psychological stress can negatively impact health.

Our Team

At the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, our multidisciplinary team collaborates to translate discoveries into life-changing treatments.

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Our Research Programs and Labs

Our Research Programs and Labs

Education Programs

Education Programs

The Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research offers two training programs – the CTOC Training Program and the Integrative Immunobiology Training Program

CTOC Training Program

The College of Dentistry hosts the CTOC program, where trainees have the opportunity to participate in outstanding research in Inflammation and Immunity, Wound Healing, Cancer Biology, Chemical Senses, Psychoneuroimmunology, Microbial Pathogenesis, Biomaterials, Molecular Genetics, and other exciting areas.

For more information, visit CTOC Program.

Integrative Immunobiology Training Program

The areas of neuroimmunology, neuroendocrinimmunology, neuroimmunomodulation and psychoneuroimmunology were pioneered so that disciplines outside of classical immunology could design novel approaches to address specific hypotheses related to the neuro-endocrine-immune interrelationship. Thirteen scientists at The Ohio State University, trained in the classical disciplines of immunology, virology, endocrinology, psychology, neuroscience and pharmacology, work together to conduct research in all four of these immunology areas. The overall goal of our training program is to encourage and support broad-based, early-stage training in integrative immunobiology, using an institutional training grant mechanism. It is expected that our training program will enhance the knowledge base in basic and disease-related research.

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Affiliated Graduate Programs

Affiliated Graduate Programs



The Institute has garnered more than $140 million in research grants in the last decade, including two major program project grants from the National Institutes of Health, making the IBMR one of the world's foremost centers for the study of mind-body interactions.

Our Location

Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research
460 Medical Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

Business Office

Sara Britton
Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, Rm 120
460 Medical Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

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