Advanced care for mother and baby before birth

Health care for a baby begins before birth. That’s why the Fetal Treatment Program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center offers the most advanced level of personalized health care available to both mother and developing baby before birth. The majority of our fetal care plans involve diagnosis, counseling, education, emotional support and planning for both delivery and care after baby is born.

Only a few pregnancies require medical or surgical treatments before delivery. For those rare occurrences, we evaluate and treat a developing fetus in the womb to correct problems before birth. The goal is to help baby in the early stages of life and throughout fetal development to correct complications that could form the basis of later-in-life diseases, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Most importantly, our maternal fetal medicine physicians work with you and your primary obstetrician/gynecologist. While your Ob/Gyn may continue to provide your routine pregnancy care, we offer the most advanced maternal fetal screenings and diagnostic procedures to verify and diagnose any abnormality, and then provide the most comprehensive fetal treatment options available.

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Maternal Health Impacts Fetal Development

Steven Gabbe, MD, discusses how maternal medical complications can influence fetal growth and development and how treating a mom can improve outcomes.

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