Providing personalized genetic and preconception counseling

Most babies are born healthy. For the three to five percent born with some type of birth defect, however, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center offers hope and help to families.

Here, we offer physician-directed genetic and pre-conception counseling. You’ll learn about your risk factors before a pregnancy or, if you’re carrying a child with a birth defect, you'll learn more about the defect and available treatment options. Together with your primary Ob/Gyn, our maternal fetal medicine physicians work with you to assess your level of risk and to verify and diagnose any abnormality. Then we provide personalized, comprehensive counseling, education and fetal treatment options.

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Amniocentesis: Testing for genetic abnormalities

Amniocentesis, which involves use of a fine needle to extract amniotic fluid, can detect chromosome abnormalities or other genetic deficiencies.

Genetic Testing with In-vitro Fertilization

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