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Our Lactation Services

Our bedside nurses and board-certified lactation consultants have advanced training in breastfeeding and will help you overcome difficulties and provide emotional and educational support to improve outcomes throughout your stay and after you are discharged.

Prenatal consultations can address:
  • Nipple and breast care education 
  • Mothers with breastfeeding challenges with previous children 
  • Education for those expecting multiples 
  • Exclusive pumping 

Postpartum consultations can address:
  • Attachment and positioning 
  • Nipple soreness assessment 
  • Milk supply assessment 
  • Infant weight gain 
  • Tongue tie assessments 
  • Suck support for infants 
  • Transition from bottle to breast for premature infants 
  • Breastfeeding aids 
  • Selection of pumps and other products 
  • Breastfeeding observations 
  • Transitioning back to work

All patients are visited by a lactation consultant within 24 hours of delivery. For prenatal and follow-up lactation care, as well as questions after discharge, call 614-293-8910.

Benefits of Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, but natural doesn’t always mean easy. At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, our care team of physicians, nurses and lactation consultants will guide you and your Buckeye Baby through any breastfeeding obstacles.

Benefits For Mom:
  • Faster loss of pregnancy weight gain
  • Decreased risk for breast, uterine and ovarian cancers
  • Saves time and money

Benefits For Baby:
  • Perfectly matched nutrition at each stage of infant development
  • Breast milk is more easily digestible than formula
  • Breast milk contains antibodies to help fight infections
  • Decreases risk of asthma, ear infections, allergies, type 1 diabetes, obesity and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Premature and Hospitalized Infants

Premature and Hospitalized Infants

Buckeye Babies who require a stay in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) may bring special challenges with them related to breastfeeding:
  • Premature and hospitalized infants may not be physically ready to latch to the breast, may have weak suckling reflexes and tire easily.
  • Most mothers of hospitalized infants will need to express their breast milk, which can then be provided to their baby via bottle or feeding tube.
  • Our lactation team will teach you how to express your milk and help make arrangements for you to obtain a breast pump for use at home.
Regardless of when your baby is ready, our team of experts will help you and your baby breastfeed. Call 614-293-8910 for questions and concerns.

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