Learn more about bariatric surgery at Ohio State

Our free patient guide will walk you through all the steps in the surgical weight-loss journey at Ohio State and help you decide if bariatric surgery is right for you.

Patient Guide (PDF)

Our guide for parents having bariatric surgery (TALK-PG) will provide valuable tips for talking about bariatric surgery and healthy lifestyles with kids.

Guide for parents having bariatric surgery (PDF)

Download a checklist of steps to get started on your journey to bariatric surgery.

Program steps (PDF)


Keeley Pratt, PhD, associate professor and author of the “Talking about healthy lifestyle with kids” (TALK-PG) parent guide, offers a series of short videos to help parents planning to have bariatric surgery, talk to their family about the process and healthy changes they can make together.

TALK-PG: Welcome and introduction

TALK-PG: Talking to your child or teen about bariatric surgery

TALK-PG: Parent modeling of healthy behaviors and making healthy changes to your home

TALK-PG: Identifying and preventing negative effects to your child or teen

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