Daily responsibilities can make it difficult for executives, community leaders and entrepreneurs to fit important wellness and health care appointments into their calendar. The Executive Health program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center exists to connect people with busy schedules to every health care advantage we offer.

If you want to prioritize your wellbeing but feel you’re lacking the time and bandwidth to do so, let the experts in our Executive Health program help you. We want you to be the healthiest and most successful version of yourself while juggling work demands, family needs and other important aspects of your life. The continuity we offer by having an annual physical alongside follow-up visits, acute care and ongoing support and coaching makes our program different from many others.

What is Executive Health?

Our Executive Health program links you directly with primary care physicians to provide exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience. It seeks to streamline access to prevention and health care services to fit your schedule while elevating patient experience through benefits, such as tailored after-hours communications and ample time on the visit day to build a strong relationship with your provider.

Key highlights of the practice include:

  • A primary care physician dedicated to you and your expectations. This allows for a different health care experience. Our physicians see a smaller volume of patients than traditional practices and are able to spend more time on communications with you because of our membership fees and semi-concierge service.
  • A personalized program that is uniquely integrated within the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. This integration is something you won’t find in other community-based membership-model practices and allows you to access world-class care from experts across the medical center as well as tools like the MyChart portal and our advanced electronic health record system.
  • Access to a variety of other membership benefits. These will help you prioritize your health without sacrificing time to schedule appointments and tests, requesting refills or researching specialty care. Please see FAQs or Membership agreement

Executive Health membership benefits

Executive Health patient and Ohio State doctor conversing

An attentive, personalized partnership

The hallmark of Ohio State’s Executive Health program is the long-term, deep relationship you can build with an Executive Health physician who will oversee your care and any referrals. We’ll allot plenty of time for each appointment, so all your needs are addressed, and make sure to return phone calls and MyChart messages in a timely fashion.

Man on phone in a hotel at night time

Around-the-clock access

Executive Health physicians are available to take calls after-hours, on weekends and holidays and will spend the time helping you with your health concerns. Your call is only answered by Executive Health physicians. During business hours, our goal is to schedule acute care visits — either in-person or virtually — within 48 hours or less. We also assist with specialist appointments within Ohio State.

Ohio State’s Executive health lobby

Private, convenient facilities

Our patients have a private, quiet lobby with wireless internet, complementary refreshments and a modern library area ideal for conducting business before or after an appointment. Valet parking is available at the front entrance of the Brain and Spine Hospital.

Ohio State’s Executive health front desk

Assistance with all aspects of health care

Our experienced team can help you find the information and resources you need. You’ll have a dedicated team to personally help you schedule referrals, procedures or testing with other specialties across the world-class Ohio State health system. We will also assist you with prescriptions, billing and insurance, or even medical needs that occur while traveling.

Executive Health’s comprehensive physical visits

Each member is encouraged to schedule an annual health physical. Along with a physical exam, we’ll review any current issues and your medical history (current medications, allergies, immunizations, family history) as well as recommend possible evidence-based preventative screening tests for cancer, heart disease and other conditions indicated by your situation.

Those tests can include:

  • Complete metabolic profile (including kidney and liver function, glucose, and electrolytes)
  • Fasting lipid profile
  • Complete blood cell panel
  • Thyroid function
  • Urinalysis
  • Resting EKG
  • Pap test (specific doctors)
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Other metabolic tests as indicated

Based on your unique risks and health goals, you may also have arrangements made for other evaluations such as:

  • Pulmonary or cardiac testing
  • Mammography
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Bone density testing
  • Dermatology screenings
  • Body fat composition
  • Vo2 max testing

Conversations with your doctor may also include nutrition needs and goals, tobacco cessation, alcohol usage, stress, exercise habits and goals, and other factors that may be impacting overall health.

Based on your unique risks and health goals, you may also have arrangements made for other tests, such as a chest X-ray, mammogram, colonoscopy, cardiac evaluations or indicated tests. Conversations with your doctor may also include nutrition needs and goals, tobacco cessation, alcohol usage, stress, exercise habits and goals, and other factors that may be impacting overall health.

How much does the Executive Health program cost?

For 2023, annual membership is $800. This annual membership will increase over time to $1,200 by 2025 as part of our advancement to a membership-based practice. We hope this price will remain static for the foreseeable future. Our membership team will discuss annual member fees before your first appointment.

To learn more about fees and membership, visit our FAQs section.

FAQs about Executive Health

How do I sign up for the Executive Health program?

Signing up for the program is simple. Complete the Member Inquiry Form, and if accepted, we’ll follow up to discuss next steps and schedule your new patient visit as an Executive Health member. Once you have signed up, you can pay your annual membership fee via our Membership Portal. Your membership will be renewed annually. This process starts at the beginning of November each year for the next calendar year.

Membership inquiry

Corporate membership packages are available. Please email inquiry-exechealth@osumc.edu or call 614-293-7777 for more information.


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